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Six Weeks And More To Choose

Annual Six Week Package Lease

Get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a luxury yacht for a reasonable period of time within the year, all for a fraction of the cost of real ownership.

  • Get yacht access for 6 prime weeks of your choice plus unlimited access to the vessel upon availability.

  • Sub-charter the yacht at any time without penalty (we can even help).

  • Assign the contract to a charity cruise of your choice (we can also help).

  • Invite friends, family and colleagues to join you at various locations, during various events when needed.


Why Choose the Share-a-Yacht Package?

This Share-a-Yacht package is perfect for:

  • Those with demanding careers or business and family demands drain their time and energy.

  • Those who seek more adventuresome coastal cruising, with the access and flexibility that most vacation or tour cruises cannot offer.

  • Experienced sailors who need a break and want to "put the pleasure back into pleasure boating."

  • Regular folk who have always dreamed of owning their own luxury yacht, but have little time or inclination to regularly attend to the myriad of tasks required to maintain it in ready-to-sail condition.


Special Rates

This package provides the same services and accommodations as the standard packages, plus unlimited access to the vessel upon availability (that's right!).

screenshot_1810 2
Desolation Sound

Unlimited Destinations*


From the Gulf Islands to Desolation Sound, The Boughton's, Queen Charlottes and more! Set sail to any destination you wish, from local to international seas – unlike standard packages which may restrict you to the West Coast due to time restraints.

*Note: Alaska may be doable upon request.

  • Bareboat charter lease option - $150,000.00

  • Crew - $1,200.00 / Day

  • Fuel - At cost

  • Provisions and Moorage - to your account

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