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Luxury Yacht FAQs

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Does my charter need to be one week long?

Although our most popular charters tend to extend the length of 7-10 days, we are always willing to discuss longer charters and even leases to suit your needs.


What is a Bare Boat Charter?

A bareboat is simply a boat that is rented without a crew or sometimes a skipper. You will need to skipper and navigate it yourself. To do so some type of certification, qualification or previous boating experience, such as a resumé of your experience would be required. You can also hire a crew or skipper for your bareboat charter if you don't have the necessary qualifications.

We can help connect you with such a crew or skipper.


What are the duties of a skipper?

A Skipper is a qualified individual who knows how to handle a yacht, recommend routes, direct you to places to visit, suggestions of all kinds, all gained from one’s experience. A Skipper can make the difference in a charter, making sure you are relaxed while experiencing as much as possible during your adventure.


What is a Crew?

This would be a professional crew to run everything required during your luxury yacht charter or yacht lease so that all you have to do is enjoy yourself. This includes everything from skipping, cooking, cleaning, piloting watercraft, guiding you on snorkelling, scuba diving, or knee boarding, and also, moorage for when venturing on land for many adventures.


How are yachts maintained?

Any professional and proper yacht owner will be sure to have all regular maintenance conducted, including a full maintenance package prior to every charter or lease voyage. On top of that, there are legal regulations to ensure that our pristine waterways and those travelling on craft are safe for not only the passengers and crew but also for wildlife and nature around us.

We hold a high standard for the condition of our luxury yacht so you can rest assured that you will be travelling in absolute luxury, every time.


Are there hidden fees and costs?

As outlined on our Luxury Yacht Rates page there are fees that cannot be predicted and vary like fuel costs which depend on the routes and activities you choose to experience and others. This is why talking to Captain Bill prior to any booking is mandatory. We want to ensure you can customize your itinerary exactly as you see fit and that all details and plans are created prior to your charter or lease.


We want you to have the best experience possible, every time!

Yacht Reservation & Inquiries


To inquire about availability or if you prefer e-mail us.
Be sure to include what type of trip you prefer, the number of persons and which date(s) you are considering.

Vancouver British Columbia

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