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Sample Itinerary

Sat… Captain's Cove to Gibsons… est 3.0 hrs.

Gibsons is a quaint and charming seaside town and is the gateway to the Sunshine Coast. The harbour is everything a harbour should be with an atmosphere as thick as fog on a fall morning. Home to the former long running CBC series The Beachcombers, be sure to check out Mollys Reach, once a former sound stage,it's now a real cafe… many a commercial fish boats nearby ready to sell you the day's catch.


Sun… Gibsons to Hornby Island… Tribune Bay… est. 4.0 hrs

Tribune Bay is a wonderful place to visit. Anchor offshore and take Toy Bin in to a splendid white beach; the only one of its kind to be found north of Hawaii. Swim in the warm waters or if you prefer there are lots of hiking trails nearby. For the diving enthusiast, to the south east is the home of the rare and elusive Six Gill Shark. Tribune Bay is one of those must see places.


Mon… Hornby Island to Nanaimo… est 2.5 hrs

Nanaimo is Vancouver Island's second largest city. Here is located a vibrant water front — excellent sea walk, good restaurants and fun pubs. If you are there in time be sure to take in the Noon Gun, it's kind of neat. You may want to take the foot ferry over to New Castle Marine Park a great place to stretch those sea legs or take Toy Bin to the Dingy Pub… A fun town!


Tues… Nanaimo to Chemainus… est 2.5 hrs.

Chemainus; a town that re-invented itself, may well be one of BC's funkiest towns. World famous for its 42 or so Murals and a unique Boutique shopping village, this is a walking town. A must do if possible is to take in the world class stage production and dinner theater. A pleasant surprise. The food is quite good and reservations are recommended. You would want the evening show… check the net for times and what's playing.


Wed… Chemainus to Port of Sidney… est 3.5 hrs

Sidney is a bustling and busy cruising destination. The surrounding area is the site of some excellent golf courses and world class spas may be found at the Sidney Hotel and Resort or nearby Brentwood Bay. Recommended dining may include the highly acclaimed Deep Cove Chalet, reputed to be one of the most recommended restaurants in North America. Don't be surprised to see a helicopter on the back water front lawn; The Chalet is a Hollywood favorite for films being shot in Vancouver. This town has more bookstore per foot than any other town in BC, some great shopping and be sure to visit the Shaw Interactive Tidal Display… a little too busy for you, then anchor off Sidney Spit… long sandy beaches, good crabbing and the site of an old game preserve… peacocks, European deer, sheep but no lions .You may even find the old World War Two fortifications… choices… choices… choices…


Thurs… Sidney to Montague Harbor… est 2.0hrs

Montague Harbor located on Galliano Island is one of the finest anchorages around. Deploy Toy Bin and go exploring. You can visit Salt Spring Island, Ganges harbor and drop the crab traps… pick them up on the way back for a BBQ in Montague or maybe you will just have to dine at the prestigious Hastings House. Maybe you will stay at Montague and take the always wild bus ride to the Humming Bird Pub and Restaurant or enjoy fine dining at the Galliano Inn and Spa; some people have claimed that this is the best restaurant in the Gulf Island? You be the judge…


Fri… Sorry all good things come to an end… but it's not quite over… it is time however to return to The Cove, a journey of approx 4.0 hrs, You may have to return next year… you have barely scratched the surface of things to do, places to go and people to meet… See you next year!

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