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Dive Deeper
In Luxury

A Week Of Diving The West Coast

Introducing the 'Dive Deeper' package charter. Spend your time discovering and experiencing one the world's best marine environments aboard our luxury yacht the Toy Box II. 


Top 100 2015: Best Marine Environment 


"Stepping up to the challenge of cold-water diving is rewarded tenfold with prolific marine life in British Columbia. Plumose and other anemones carpet the walls at sites like Vancouver Island’s Nanaimo, where exuberant sea lions and kaleidoscopic nudibranchs are all in a day’s dive." - Scuba Diving


Porlier Pass

This current-swept channel separates Galiano and Valdes islands, and offers several remarkable sites. As tidal currents flow through the southern Strait of Georgia, they are forced through the many narrow channels that separate the Gulf Islands. The passages, including Dodd Narrows, Gabriola Pass, Porlier Pass, Sansum Narrows and Active Pass, are among the best dive sites in the Gulf Islands because the tidal currents deliver copious amounts of food to sessile marine creatures.


Flora Islet

 Flora Islet features a steep, terraced drop-off that plunges dramatically into depths well over 600 feet and offers the chance to swim with sixgill sharks. Nobody knows why these deep-water behemoths regularly venture into the shallows here, but this is your chance to swim with eight- to 14-foot-long sharks as they slowly cruise the wall, oblivious to the attentions of excited divers. The parade of sixgill sharks begins in the late spring and continues into the early autumn. During the summer months it is not uncommon to see two or three different sharks on a single dive.


Sechelt Rapids

This narrow, shallow and reef-strewn passage separates the Sechelt Peninsula from mainland British Columbia.Sessile filter and suspension feeders dominate in this current-swept passage, one of the world's fastest navigable channels. Suspended food is in constant supply, and among the most impressive of those partaking in this feast are extensive multicolored carpets of dahlia sea anemones. Sea stars, hydroids, giant barnacles and brilliant encrusting sponges paint the bottom in splashes of orange, purple, yellow and red.

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