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Super Yacht For Auction


The Super Yacht Toy Box II has donated six times annually to certain elected fundraisers. The fundraisers or charities selected this year are described below along with the dates available for your support and participation. Should your favourite cause not be available or you represent a charity that requires some assistance and may wish to partner up, please contact Rick directly as listed under contact within this website.


Please log onto our website or follow the Shore Captains Blog to stay abreast of various charity events coming that you may wish to participate in or follow a charity cruise as it happens. To those who have their Charity Cruise booked we look forward to cruising with you and for those who would like to cruise with us by supporting their cause, we urge you to get out there and bid high. We look forward to cruising with you "The Luxury Charter With A Big Heart".












The Luxury Yacht With A Heart


Welcome to the Toy Box Charity section of our web site: "The Luxury Charter Yacht With A Heart" — Rick Skauge the owner of the Toy Box is a leading Calgary businessman; the CEO and President of Olympia Trust and Chairman of The Target Group and is also a well known local Philanthropist — Philanthropy has been described as a journey of inspiration, discovery and generosity. Generosity gives more people the opportunity to improve their quality of life and reach their potential.


It has often been stated "Charity begins at home" and within the home of Toy Box we have to look no further than our own Shore Captain : a long time friend and boat guy of Rick. Diagnosed with Stage 2 Esophageal Cancer on June 18, 2009 and the just to make things a little more challenging an additional diagnosis of Stage 3b terminal Lung Cancer was provided on July 15,2009.


When Rick learned of this minor setback in his good friend's life his solution was simple; he would acquire the luxury yacht Toy Box with the proviso, "you will beat this thing and then you will need something to do " The yacht was acquired and our Shore Captain commenced high dosage radiation and chemo treatments. With the aid of a couple of operations and the sacrifice of a few body parts our Shore Captain is in a Cancer free recovery mode and is described as a very rare survivor (touch wood).


Consider this then: Stress is either an accelerant or a trigger to cancer, then cancer is a trigger or accelerant to life change (author unknown)— we would like to invite you to log onto the Shore Captains Blog and follow the adventures of this cancer survivor as he tries to fulfill his end of the proviso and manages the day to day activities of Toy Box and your selected cruises.


However Rick's largesse extends beyond the borders of home and extend deep into the community. Toy Box II is regularly donated by Rick as a prize for various charity auctions and fund raising events. You may choose to cruise with us by supporting your favorite cause and possibly get a chance to enjoy the use of our multi-million dollar luxury yacht in the process. When you elect to support your cause it is important to know that all money you bid (high or low) high is better (it is your cause) goes directly to your cause. Additional costs of the cruise (fuel and crew) are absorbed by Rick — The Luxury Charter Yacht With A Heart.


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